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The outbound trip was long and tiring but otherwise uneventful. The 8 hour flight got us to the hotel at breakfast time, but without sleep!

First night we ate a wide selection of local produce - impala, gazelle, hartebeest, crocodile, ostrich etc; and were entertained by a dance troupe performing a selection of Busby-Berkely numbers and acrobatics, in tribal outfits. I don't think it will catch on somehow.

Second day we drove to Samburu....

All set !
Tired, but at least the pool was open.
First night out - crocodile, impala and ostrich on the menu
Well you have to try everything don't you?
Local dancing - not tribal, but interesting anyway
Yes that building has wooden scaffold poles. This was very common in Kenya.
Typical retail outlet - not much stock but plenty of shop assistants.
Market in Nairobi - a little fruit on sale, but not much else.
Tourist shops - en route to Samburu. These had a lot of carved work, jewelry, batiks and fabrics.


We stopped near Mount Kenya for lunch, and found this chameleon. No we didn't eat it.....