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Samburu was a real highlight. It is arid scrub - very hot and dry - up towards the North of Kenya. We had two nights there in a great lodge, on the banks of the river. Wildlife included Reticulated Giraffe and Grevy's Zebra - both confined to the hot northern parks.

The day after we moved on to Treetops, and then to the lakes.

Samburu lodge. The round 'lounge' overhangs the river.
Relaxing - food and drink!
The local Samburu tribe came to dance and sing. They are close cousins of the Masai, and their dancing is similar.
I don't think we were dressed for this, but it was good fun anyway.
Our first real game drive. We saw Lions.....
Helmetted Guinea Fowl (everywhere.....)
Grevy's Zebra......

Marshall Eagle in Thorn Tree. Our guide described these as 'bad guys' - they are fearless and will attack anything, even fighting Hyaena off kills.

And of course Elephant. This one got a little too close, producing an 'Uh oh!' from our driver, before he backed away.
Elephant browsing. The one on the right we were assured was a very rare picture - reaching up high, face on to the camera.
Mother and baby crossing the road. We gave way........
Reticulated Giraffe, restricted to the dry bush areas of Northern Kenya, and Somalia. Much darker and 'neater' markings than the usual Masai or Rothschild Giraffe.
Freindly lizard at the lodge, and ubiquitous termite mound.
Weaver bird nests. Very common in the Acacia trees.