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Ngutuni - Tsavo East

Ziwani - Tsavo West

Ngulia - Tsavo West

Ol Tukai - Amboseli

Voi Safari Lodge - Tsavo East

Diani Coast



Wildlife highlights


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Hi again.

After the 'once in a lifetime' trip to Kenya/Zanzibar in 2001, we loved it so much we had to do it again!

This time, we went to the eastern side of Kenya - home of the Tsavo and Amboseli game parks - and then onto Diani Beach, south of Mombasa, for wind-down.

It didn't disappoint, and who knows, maybe we'll go again...

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Charles, Penny, Dorothy and James

P.S. to save a little loading time on the main 'story', all the best wildlife shots are together in their own section at the end.

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