Here's all the 'digital' pictures from Ian and Sue's Wedding Reception -17/2/2001

Click on a 'Thumbnail' for the larger shot.

Ian and Sue now have the 'proper' photos. If you are interested in these get in touch

Wasn't it a great day!

All the best - Charles and Penny


DSCF0036L.jpg DSCF0002.jpg DSCF0003.jpg DSCF0004.jpg
DSCF0016.jpg DSCF0010.jpg DSCF0016a.jpg
DSCF0052.jpg DSCF0024.jpg DSCF0027.jpg DSCF0040.jpg
DSCF0018.jpg DSCF0019.jpg DSCF0021.jpg DSCF0023.jpg
DSCF0017.jpg DSCF0029.jpg DSCF0026.jpg DSCF0014.jpg
DSCF0030.jpg DSCF0028.jpg DSCF0033.jpg DSCF0051.jpg
DSCF0011.jpg DSCF0013.jpg DSCF0037.jpg DSCF0038.jpg
DSCF0043.jpg DSCF0044.jpg DSCF0045.jpg
DSCF0032.jpg DSCF0009.jpg DSCF0008.jpg DSCF0056.jpg


If anyone's interested, I used a little bit of software call 'IrfanView' to do this 'thumbnail' stuff. It's free - look here.